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"We must find our way back to being ourselves and expressing not the pressure of a life that was put on us, but the real pure life that our ancestors laid out before us.” –Bootsy Colins


I serve as a space holder, deep listener, and coach who works with individuals who want to:

  • move out of stuck-ness, clarify their vision, and take steps to manifest their dreams

  • connect with their inner child, including disintegrated and exiled parts

  • align with their purpose and live a more fulfilling life

  • decolonize their mind and liberate from guilt, shame, fear, and internalized oppression

  • shift towards radical self-compassion

  • establish deeper connections with their mind, body, and spirit

  • create and maintain healthier relationships with themselves and people around them

  • begin and sustain a life-long healing journey

Individual Life Coaching Rates

  • 60 min session| $100

  • Package of four 60 min sessions | $350 ($50 off)

Sliding scale available for individual Queer/Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color.


My coaching style is one rooted in deep listening, powerful questions, and partnership. I believe we all have the answers we need within and around. Thus, I see my main role as a coach to listen, ask difficult yet important questions, and facilitate activities that enable you to tap into your inner wisdom and truth. My approach is also somatic, integrating guided meditation, bodily awareness, and spiritual inquity to support your growth and self-discovery. Ultimately, my goal is to help you develop a stronger relationship with yourself, and thus the relationships with people around you.

Giovania has 60 hours of classroom coaching training with Mentorcoach, an International Coaching Federation certified program, as well as six years of both informal and formal coaching practice. Giovania also participated in the Introduction to Liberatory Coaching with Coaching for Healing, Justice, and Liberation.

G is the embodiment of a supportive and self-empowering coach. They create a completely judge-free zone, and guided me to my own answers (because we do all have the answers, but need someone to help us get there). Our conversations revolved around my work-life anxieties. Together, we found ways for me to manage my daily anxieties towards a healthier work-life balance and better co-worker relationship."

-Yuan (she/her)

Coaching with G is such a pleasure and it always leaves me feeling regrounded. In addition to their positive energy, they listen not just with their ears, but with their heart and intuition, helping me hear both the things that I'm saying and not saying. They ask very powerful questions that guide me to more deeply understand myself and grow. Most of all, they always have a way of helping me organize my vision and ideas, connect them, and hold me accountable for DOING THEM in my daily life."

-Jolina (she/her)


G was both enthusiastic and compassionate with me in the changes that I wanted. They helped me boil down my goals into manageable steps that helped me gain the feeling of 'Success!' as I continued on to even bigger goals. I highly encourage others to give G a shot as a coach - you won't be disappointed with their dedication, insight, or creative ideas!"

-Kem (they/them)


"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world; today I am wise, so I want to change myself."​ -Rumi

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